Preschool & Pre-K Programs


(3 years - 5 years: Teacher to Child Ratio = 1:9)


Our Preschool and Pre-K Programs provide intellectual stimulation for our children.  They learn the basic concepts in an exciting, fun, educational and active way.  Our program opens up a world to our students through firsthand experiences with people, events, animals, places and things.  We show our children that learning is fun!  Daily indoor and outdoor fun filled exercise keeps our children physically active and fit while they make use of their large and small muscles.  We incorporate our health education with the word of the Bible to encourage all children to take care of their God-given bodies.  We continue teaching basic reading and writing skills, the introduction of letters, numbers and math.  We encourage the children to explore a variety of books and we have story time daily.  We provide them with lots of opportunities to explore their creativity and imagination through dramatic play and visual art.  Continuous science activity is built into our program, where children can do their own observation and hands on activities.  Our music program is ongoing though the day with such activities as singing, introduction to instruments and age appropriate music theory.  We work closely with the public schools to ensure that our curriculum is preparing each child for Kindergarten and beyond.  Further, we provide a firm foundation of the Christian faith that our children take with them as they enter the public school system. 


Year Round Curriculum Focused on Kindergarten Readiness