Toddler Program

(18 months - 3 years: Teacher to Child Ratio = 1:6)


Children will learn basic rules and routines, develop social skills and enjoy a variety of learning experiences.  We encourage our children to develop a sense of self-awareness and learn about their rapidly changing environment as they develop the skills required to deal with these challenges.  We promote activities that encourage them to play with other children in small groups and then slowly introduce them into larger groups.  This gives them the ability to learn to play with other children, share ideas and accomplish activities as a group.  We also stress the importance of independence in order to teach them to express individual ideas and to accomplish age appropriate tasks by themselves.  When each child is ready, we begin the potty training process alongside the parents.  We believe that by working together, each child will be successful and that this will be a positive experience!


To offer even more specialized attention to our toddlers, we have 2 classes; our Toddler 1 group cares for children ages 18 months to 2 1/2 years while our Toddler 2 group focuses on children ages 2 1/2 years through 3 years.  We consistently strive to provide a loving atmosphere that recognizes the needs of this diverse age group as they gain more and more independence.  It is our goal that each toddler will recognize God's love for them and be introduced to simple Bible stories while preparing them for preschool.